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Solutioning Service


Maintain your website with us! There is no point of making a website if you don't maintain it. We can take all the hassles for a nominal cost.

If you don't maintain your website, soon it will be outdated. Your basic purpose will not be fulfilled. New tech issues may also crop up due to changes for various reasons like web server changes, security hacks, data loss etc.

Solutioning is a process where we define real and existing issues or problems, map and analyze them and prepare a comprehensive and objective analysis showcasing required Solutions for our client. Typically the big word 'Business Process Re-engineering' comes into play here. But in many instances, we do not need to change so radically for a problem that can be easily fixed.

Our Solutioning services can be summarized into the following points:

  • Analyzing and bug fixing in existing website
  • Performance Analyzing and improvement of existing website
  • Website monitoring
  • Database optimization for better performance of existing website
  • Presentation layer alteration for improving visual appearance of websites
  • Developing new modules and feature in existing system
  • Introducing dynamic Content Management System (CMS) to static websites
  • Security implementation in unsecured website
  • 3rd Party product customization, like Joomla, XCart, Magento, PHPBB, Tiger CRM, WordPress etc.
  • On-going maintenance