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Database Management


Ask for Database design, database management and custom engineering for any data management applications.

A database management system (DBMS) is a computer program (or more typically, a suite of them) designed to manage a database, a large set of structured data, and run operations on the data requested by numerous users. Typical examples of DBMS use include accounting, human resources and customer support systems.

ETPL offers database design and management services to help your business grow and to create new efficiencies in your daily operations. From custom database design to flexible engineering, we have the expertise to deliver secure data management solutions for your company or organization.
Our System architects & database consultants will take the time to learn about your business and your unique data management needs. This discovery process ensures that we provide you with the right database management solutions customized for your company goals.

Our Database Management Solution offers:

  • Data Management Consulting
  • Custom Database Engineering
  • Data Migration and conversion. We can convert and migrate your data into a more efficient database that better meets your company's needs.
  • Database Normalization
  • Database Optimization
  • Database Synchronization
  • Database security implementation